About me

My name is Oriol Abril. I graduated in Engineering Physics from Catalonia Polytechnical University in 2017. I am currently taking a Master degree in High Enegry Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology from Barcelona Autonomous University. I have performed extensive courses in Probability, Statistics, Algebra, Numerical Computation and related subjects during my undergraduate and graduate studies.

Since my 1st research experience in 2013, I have made use of multiple programming languages, including Python, Matlab or Fortran. Many of my projects have involved Bayesian inference, especially with emcee. Upon discovering ArviZ nearly a year ago and realizing its power with regard to my inference results -in storing, plotting and comparing them among other aspects- I began to extensively use it.

Development Experience

I have worked in many projects related with scientifc programming, not only during my undergraduate and graduate studies, but also in extracurricular activities. Some examples are collaborations with the Molecular Spectroscopy Group at the ISIS neutron source and with the High Energy Physics Institute (IFAE). In addition, I have participated actively in StackOverfow, mainly in questions related to matplotlib, numpy, pandas and vectorization. I have also used ArviZ for my Master’s Thesis and, as a result, I am familiar with most of its functions and API.

Other interests

I love going to the beach and water activities. I have been going sailing and snorkelling regularly since I was a kid and I recently started kayking. I also enjoy hiking as well as climbing and canyoning, which I practice from time to time. Another one of my passions is reading. I specially take pleasure reading crime and historical fiction and fantasy. Some of my favourite authors are Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton and Jean M. Auel.